How to Repair a Leaky Roof


When it rains, do you find that you need to put out buck­ets and bowls to col­lect the water that comes through into your home because of your leaky roof? Maybe it isn’t that dra­matic, but do you have those unsightly yel­low water stains in the dry­wall of your ceil­ing?

Those stains aren’t some­thing to just paint over, because water dam­age from a roof leak can be a very seri­ous prob­lem. You’re talk­ing about wet insu­la­tion and wet sup­port beams and struts that can lead to the for­ma­tion of fun­gus and black mold… not to men­tion the attrac­tion of insects and other nui­sance ani­mals. All of that is behind that dry­wall bar­rier that is get­ting wet­ter and wet­ter, and it just might even­tu­ally col­lapse. You don’t want that to hap­pen to you, right?

Fix­ing a Leaky Roof: The Hard Way

The tra­di­tional way of fix­ing a roof leak would be to crawl up into the attic, have some­one run a hose on the roof, and then sit and wait in the some­times 180F heat to locate a small drip.

While you are doing that, you would have to be crawl­ing around in the poten­tially wet muck that is in your attic or crawl­space, get­ting fiber­glass over your clothes and skin, just so you can put a marker through the leak hole so that the per­son on top can fix it… or you then crawl out to fix it your­self. The alter­na­tive? Painstak­ingly go shin­gle by shin­gle to inspect them from the top and seek out the dam­age points, then layer more shin­gles or put in patches. If you hire a con­trac­tor to do this, you’re look­ing at a job that is going to cost you sev­eral hun­dred dol­lars easily.

The Easy Way with Flex Seal

How can Flex Seal help you save money? Because you can just get up on your roof and seal any shin­gle that looks like it may be caus­ing you trou­ble. When your asphalt shin­gles start curl­ing up, they can allow water to start pen­e­trat­ing the roof. Just take your can of Flex Seal up there and seal every crack you can find. This way you are seal­ing up your cur­rent roof leaks and future ones all in one pass. And as you can see in our Flex Seal review, it is extremely easy to use to seal up a leak. So in the time that you would spend crawl­ing through the wet, fun­gus, and mold of your attic or crawl­way, you could have an effec­tive roof leak repair done for a frac­tion of the cost of a contractor.

A roof is a ter­ri­ble thing to waste, and a worse thing to have to replace. Don’t spend thou­sands of dol­lars on a new roof or hun­dreds of dol­lars on a con­trac­tor if you don’t need to. Instead, invest the tens of dol­lars that it will take to fix your roof quickly and eas­ily by pur­chas­ing Flex Seal today!

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