Is Flex Seal Worth It? My Review…

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Those “As Seen on TV Prod­ucts” tend to fall into three cat­e­gories in my book: you have the prod­ucts that are just ridicu­lously bad and a waste of money, the prod­ucts that are ok and do what they adver­tise, and then you have the prod­ucts that are truly use­ful items that are more than worth the money.

I’ve decided to com­pose a com­pre­hen­sive Flex Seal review because I believe that this prod­uct actually does what it says and deserves your attention. So what makes Flex Seal such a use­ful prod­uct that takes it beyond “just ok”?

First of all, Flex Seal is an inter­est­ing prod­uct that is really ver­sa­tile. If you need to make a quick fix that is water­tight and stops your leak prob­lem fast, it’s a great solu­tion. It sup­pos­edly works effec­tively on a wide vari­ety of sur­faces — maybe you’ve seen the infomer­cial where they fix a gut­ter on the inside by directly spray­ing Flex Seal on the sur­face? I decided to try that repair out first since it rains quite a bit here and the seams like to rust in the gut­ter because they didn’t use alu­minum riv­ets in their construction.

Gut­ter Repair with Flex Seal

Flex Seal on Gutter Rivets I have to say that the gut­ter repair was pretty easy. I got out my extend­able step lad­der, got up on the roof with my two cans of Flex Seal, and lit­er­ally just had to spray it on the sur­face and then let it dry. I enjoyed the sun­shine for awhile to let the Flex Seal dry, added another layer just to be safe, and ended up only using a frac­tion of the first can to get the repair done. All in all, it took me a cou­ple hours… but real­is­ti­cally, I was work­ing maybe 5 min­utes total dur­ing those 2 hours.

But then the test came… would it stand up to water? So I car­ried about a half full 5 gal­lon bucket up to the roof because that was about the limit of what I felt safe bring­ing up there. I could have done a slow trickle of water, sure… but that’s not my style. I dumped the whole bucket of water on the patch and was pleased to dis­cover that sim­i­lar to other Flex Seal reviews, the prod­uct stood up to the downpour.

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Flex Seal and Cracked Terra Cotta

With more Flex Seal than expected left over after the patch, I decided to try out the famous terra cotta repair that they show on the infomer­cial too. Why terra cotta? Because my wife is an avid gard­ner. And when I say avid, she spends more time gar­den­ing than she does any­thing else.

If you know any­thing about terra cotta pots, unless you pur­chase them in extreme bulk, they get to be quite expen­sive - espe­cially for the larger ones, which can retail for over $100 each. Fix­ing one of those is def­i­nitely worth our while when it comes to the health of our checkbook.

One of our large Terra Cotta pots had developed a pretty nasty crack recently, so I did exactly as they showed in the commercial: I sprayed Flex Seal over the crack on both the inside and the out­side of the pot and let it dry. I then painted it and it looked great. The patch was not very noticable. I thought it might actually work until I added the pres­sure of all the dirt that this large pot could hold.

Maybe the pot was too big but with all of the pres­sure of the dirt inside the pot the crack came back and shortly after com­pletely broke open. Now in ret­ro­spect, I could have prob­a­bly sprayed an entire can of Flex Seal onto the pot and had dif­fer­ent results, but for a suc­cess­ful crack repair on a large terra cotta pot it didn’t work for me. If I had a smaller pot with a less sever crack the outcome probably would have been different.

Windshield Repair With Flex Seal

Flex Seal Windshield Repair Now I don’t have a boat that I can cut a hole out of to seal off… sorry. What I do have is a 2004 Pon­tiac Grand Am that has a miss­ing rub­ber gas­ket for the wind­shield. Now I could call out a glass repair per­son to affix a new one, but the quoted cost of this was $80. That’s not worth putting a claim through for my insur­ance, but I didn’t want to spend $80 - so Flex Seal to the res­cue! After all - it has been described as life’s new duct tape… and I’ve had duct tape on that wind­shield for a few weeks.

After tap­ing off the paint and the glass with painter’s tape so that I wouldn’t have a fab­u­lous rub­ber coat­ing left to remind me of my repair skills and scrub­bing off the duct tape residue, I care­fully sprayed a layer of Flex Seal into the gap between the glass and the frame and then let it set overnight since I put in a thick layer in between.

When I got up to take her out for a spin in the morn­ing to pick up some much needed gro­ceries, it worked per­fectly - no water pen­e­tra­tion, it set solidly, and it only cost me the cost of a can of Flex Seal. So for this Flex Seal liq­uid rub­ber review, I’d def­i­nitely give it an A+ since it saved me $50 eas­ily on a needed repair.

It’s Just So Convenient To Have Around

When you take a look at the price, you might think that it is a lit­tle expen­sive, but in the end it’s worth it because it just saves me a lot of time and has­sle when it comes to home repairs or other mis­cel­la­neous quick fixes that would nor­mally involve call­ing some­one out. I think you’ll be pleased like I am with the way Flex Seal works for those home repairs that need to get done. I would highly encour­age you to try it out today and see for your­self how easy it is to use Flex Seal!

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How to Order Flex Seal

It’s easy… Just click this link and you will be taken to a secure online website to place your order. Order some for yourself or give Flex Seal as a gift.

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